The Moretons’ buildings date back to the early 1800s. The owners, Tony and Diana Soutar, started to convert and develop the buildings and yards in 1971. Today, The Moretons is run by Karen Webb, with resident owner Tony still keeping a close eye on things.

The Moretons from AD926

Between AD926 and AD940 Athelstan King of Britain granted two manses in Moreton to his servant Ethelnoth. These are probably to be identified with two hides at Moreton granted to Beorhnaege and Byrhstan by Bishop Oswald in AD990.

The two hides were held at the beginning of the 13th century by Robert de Moreton. Later, The Moretons was held by the Chamberlains, followed by the Le Pohers for five generations. In 1411, via his marriage to Margaret Le Poher, it was conveyed to John Washbourne VI. In 1663 his descendant William Washbourne XVI sold it to William Hancock. A manor called Moretons is mentioned in deeds of the 16th century and the present Moretons’ farm probably marks its site.

In around 1631 John Washbourne XII emigrated to America; his wife and family followed on 13 April 1635 on the ship Elizabeth and Ann bound for New England.

In 1992 Mr and Mrs A L Washburn, two descendants from Missouri USA, stayed at The Moretons and discovered that their family, some eleven generations earlier, had owned it for 252 years!